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I recently quit a job in IT to pursue gender studies and research. Sex positive, liberal, pro-choice, pro-gay, secular, outspoken feminist who fights like a girl. Non-believer of god and other imaginary friends, believer of this crazy notion that everyone should have equal rights. In my spare time, I read, write, perform slam poetry, drink tea, and leave feminist comments on Facebook posts. Oh and I also make a mean Panna Cotta.

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2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I saw someone posting one of your blogs on facebook and read through them…
    What you write is amazing and so true.

    On the behalf of all men, I firstly will want to apologise for everything you or any of the women around the world go through and secondly would also want to extend a hand in creating awareness about what to do and how as for some reason no matter how much you tell us, we never learn. But just like the weak students in the class, it is our duty to keep educating the people till they realise. So please dont take this wrong and let me know if I can help in any way.

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